Argentina – Mathogo Missile

Last updated on March 12th, 2019 at 01:16 pm

In the 1970s, an Argentinian company developed the Mathogo missile for the Argentinian army.

The Mathogo missile has a first generation guidance system. This means that the operator uses a manual control to steer the missile. An operator can control up to four Mathogo missiles from 55 yards (50m) away.

The Mathogo missile can be carried by a soldier, but the missile may also be easily adapted so that it can be launched from an armored vehicle. It can also be launched from a helicopter, although is accuracy will be reduced.

A standard High Explosive Anti Tank Round (HEAT round), which  will penetrate up  to 15.7 inches (400mm) of armor, is used as the Mathogo missile’s warhead.

A Mathogo missile and its launcher box

One version of the Mathogo missile has a standard target range of up to 2,190yards (2000m).  A second version has a range up to 3,280yards (3000m).

The Mathogo missile has a relatively slow velocity of 295feet/s (90m/s).