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World War II – Battle of Khalkhin Gol

The Battle of Khalkhin Gol, between the Soviet Union and Japan, was one of the earliest World War II battles. It played a significant role in determining the course of the war.

In 1938, Japan and the Soviet Union disputed the position of the border between Siberia and Manchukuo, a puppet state in Manchuria that

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World War II – Battle of Kursk

The Battle of Kursk was Germany's last attempt to launch an offensive attack in Russia during World War II.  Although the number of tanks that were used in the battle has been disputed, it is generally believed that more tanks were used during the Battle of Kursk than in any other battle in history.


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World War II – Battle of Stalingrad

The Battle of Stalingrad during World War II was one of the bloodiest battles in history, resulting in almost two million casualties. Ultimately resulting in a German defeat, it is often considered the turning point of the war in Europe.

After Operation Barbarossa, fighting between Germany and the Soviet Union continued, with the Soviets driving

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World War II – Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge, also known as the Ardennes Offensive, was Germany's last great tank offensive in World War II and the largest combat action in US military history.

It took place in the Ardennes Forest in France, Luxembourg and Belgium and lasted from December 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945.

The name "Battle

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World War II – Fall of Tobruk

In June 1942, during World War II, the city of Tobruk, Libya fell to Axis forces.

At the end of 1941, Allied forces had liberated Tobruk.

Axis troop retreated to Gazala, and then to El Agheila.

Rommel then reorganized his forces in order to improve communication between artillery, infantry and armored forces.

He then redirected

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World War II – First Battle of El Alamein

A British attempt to prevent Axis forces in North Africa from advancing to Alexandria, Egypt led to the First Battle of El Alamein during World War II.

During the First Battle of El Alamein, the British tank force clearly had a numerical advantage over German armored forces.  However, the British were hampered by poor strategy

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World War II – Operation Barbarossa

Operation Barbarossa was the German campaign to invade the Soviet Union during World War II.

Hitler wanted to kill or enslave the people of Russia, and then use Russia to provide more living space for the German people, whom he considered the superior race.

Operation Barbarossa commenced on June 22, 1941, when Axis forces began

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World War II – Operation Compass

Operation Compass was an Allied campaign against Italian forces in North Africa during World War II.  It resulted in an overwhelming victory for the Allies, largely due to the superiority of British tanks over Italian ones.

In June 1940, Italy declared war on France and Great Britain. At the time, Libya was an Italian colony. Libya's

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World War II – Operation Crusader

Operation Crusader was a British military operation in North Africa during World War II that resulted in the liberation of Tobruk, Libya from Axis forces.  Tobruk had been under siege since April 1941.

During Operation Crusader, the British had the advantage of a large reserve of tanks, while the Germans had the advantages of superior

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World War II – Siege of Tobruk

During the Siege of Tobruk, which lasted from February to November 1941, during World War II, German and Italian troops, led by General Erwin Rommel, gained control of the city of Tobruk in Libya.   The successes of Axis forces during the Siege of Tobruk were largely due to Rommel's ability to launch effective defenses against

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World War II – Battle of Alam el Halfa

During the Battle of Alam el Halfa, which took place in North Africa during World War II,  Rommel attempted to regain El Alamein in Egypt; eventually, however, he was forced to retreat.

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World War II – Capture of Tunisia

A series of World War II battles that took place in Tunisia in the first half of 1943 resulted in Axis forces being ejected from all of North Africa.

After the Second Battle of El Alamein, Rommel withdrew to the Mareth Line, in southeastern Tunisia. The Mareth Line was a line of fortifications that had

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