T-34/85 Medium Tank

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The T-34/85 medium tank was an improved version of the T-34 that was built in 1943. It had a larger turret and more powerful gun than the T-34/76.

A commander’s cupola was added to the turret, which was large enough to hold three crewmembers, increasing the size of the entire crew from 4 to 5. The third crewmember in the turret was responsible for loading the gun.

The main gun on the T-34/85 was a 3.34 inch (85mm) gun that could allegedly pierce the frontal armor of German Panther and Tiger tanks from a distance of 3,281 feet (1,000 meters).
US soldiers examining a captured North Korean T-34/85 medium tank during the Korean War
After World War II, the T-34/85 medium tank was used by many countries that were under the influence of the Soviet Union. It was used by North Korea during the Korean War.

Soviet Union

T-34/85 Medium

Active: 1944
Crew: 5
Weight: 31.5 tons (32,000kg)
Length: 26ft 9in(8.15m)
Height: 9ft 2.74in (2.57m)
Width: 9ft 9.5in (2.99m)
Weapons: Main – 3.35in (85mm) ZiS S53 gun, Secondary – 2 x 0.3in (7.62mm) machineguns
Armor Maximum – 3.54in (90mm)
Engine: V234 V12 diesel, 500hp
Speed: 34.2mph (55kph)
Range: 186.4 miles (300 km)