Carro Veloce L35/Lf Flamethrower Tankette

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The Carro Veloce L35/Lf Flamethrower Tankette differed from the Carro Veloce 33 in that it had a long-barreled hooded flamethrower instead of machine guns. In other respects, it was the same tankette.

The L35’s flamethrower had a range of about 328 feet.

Lf stands for “lanciaflamme”, the Italian word for flamethrower.

In the earliest model of the Carro Veloce L35/Lf versions, a 110 gallon armored fuel trailer was towed behind the tankette.  In a later model, the fuel tank was mounted on the tankette’s rear.

Carro Veloce L35/Lf Flamethrower Tankette

Kingdom of Italy

L35/Lf Flamethrower Tankette

Active: 1933
Crew: 2
Weight: 3.2 tons (3,200kg)
Length: 10ft 5in (3.18m)
Height: 4ft 3in (1.3m)
Width: 4ft 8in (1.42m)
Weapons: Main – Flamethrower
Armor Maximum – 0.55in (14mm)
Engine: FIAT SPA CV3 4-cylinder gasoline, 42hp
Speed: 26mph (42kph)
Range: 78 miles (125 km)