Marder Tank Destroyers

The Marder (Marten) II was added to the German forces in response to hardships in battle on the Eastern front in 1942.

Initially the Marder was built upon the chassis of a Panzer II, Ausf A, B, C and E, with a 75mm L/46 Pak 40 anti-tank gun. Then version two was built on a Panzer II Ausf D and E with a 75mm gun adapted from a captured Russian Model 36 76.2mm anti-tank gun.

The most well-known version of the Marder was number 3, also introduced 1942, that was engineered atop a chassis of a Czech Panzer 38T.

Subsequent models sported a 75mm L/46 Pak 40/3 anti-tank gun.

Also, somewhat strangely, the Marder I did not enter service until 1943 with its 74mm Pak 40/1 anti-tank gun mounted on the chassis of a French Lorraine armored personnel carrier.

The Marder I was largely used as a rear guard, back-up piece of equipment to the Marder II and III which served up front with infantry divisions until they were later replaces by heavier, more sophisticated equipment like the Ferdinand.

Marder II Tank Destroyer