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Type 3 Ka-Chi Amphibious Tank

The Type 3 Ka-Chi amphibious tank was used by Japan's Imperial Navy. Its design was based on that of the Chi-He medium tank. The Ka-Chi amphibious tank had two pontoons, one at the bow and one at the stern, which could be detached when the tank was on land. When the Ka-Chi was in the water, the
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Type 5 To-Ku Amphibious Tank

The Type 5 To-Ku amphibious tank was the biggest of all of Japan's amphibious tanks. It weighed 29 tons. Because of its size, it could carry more powerful armament than the Ka-Chi amphibious tank. The To-Ku mounted a 0.98 inch (25mm) cannon and a coaxial machine gun in the turret.  The front hull contained a 1.85 inch
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