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T-64 Main Battle Tank

The Soviet Union's T-64 main battle tank first entered service in 1966. An upgraded version of the T-62, the T-64 has a smaller, lighter and more powerful engine than the T-62 (700hp vs. 580hp) The T-64 main battle tank was built with better armor protection than older Soviet tanks. The armor on the hull and turret of
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Type 61 Main Battle Tank

The Type 61 main battle tank was the first tank produced by Japan after Word War II. After the Second World War ended, Japan was only allowed to use its armed forces for self defense, so the Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) was established. At first, the JSDF used American military equipment, including M24 Chaffee light tanks,
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Vijayanta Main Battle Tank

The Vijayanta main battle tank was an early Indian tank based on a design by Britain's Vickers company. In 1961s, Vickers Ltd. agreed to design a new main battle tank, which was known as the Vickers Mark I main battle tank, for the Indian Army. Vickers was to build prototypes, as well as 90 production tanks, in
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